Mobile Quiztok Service is provided
in various SNS Channels

Quiztok services are based on a chatter robot and
you can enjoy quiz contents in various messengers simply by adding friends with Quiztok


A quiz service that allows users to create and consume quizzes

  • Create the Quiz/ Solve the Quiz
  • Quiz for sponsor
  • Quiz for donation
  • Quiz inquiry


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Quiztok Introduction

We present a new paradigm of quiz.
We are supported by various products
with our limitless contents)

Quiztok Service Introduction

What is Quiztok?
It’s a video about Quiztok overall services

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We are opening up a new area of mobile advertising.
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QUIZTOK UV Marketing

Quiztok UV Marketing - It exposes product/service advertisements through its unique advertising network.
Quiztok advertising system can precisely trace the targeted customer and expose
the most appropriate advertisement with maximum effect.
Experience the benefit of our Targeted Marketing System.

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Quiztok users’ reviews

After meeting ‘Quiztok’, my fear of solving problems is gone! It’s not like a typical quiz that needs direct interaction with other peopleI can solve quizzes on a mobile and it doesn’t matter if I got wrong answers. I can play it without any burden.

윤희수Kakao talk

“Nowadays, people get a lot of stress from their busy lifestyles and it can result in many types of brain disorder.Quiztok is a prefect tool for brain exercises to keep your brain healthy and clear in this information era.

이병하Kakao Talk

“It was really good for killing my time. I really enjoyed solving various fields of question and learned more about common knowledge.I had a lot of fun in Quiztok that makes me smarter every day. I think I will continue to enjoy using this platform.”


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